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Hello, I am Kaitlynn Wilson. I am the 2nd daughter of Susan, the creator of this website, and an entrepreneur myself. Below you will see an array of my tattoo work. If you are interested in booking with me, please feel welcome to email or direct message me (on my business Instagram).

Kaitlynn Wilson

Who am I ? 


Hello! My name is Kaitlynn Wilson and I am the second daughter of Susan Brown!

 I am a vivid artist myself, doing tattoos, photography, and graphic design. Currently, I am located in Downtown Detroit and am appointment based only.

I also have developed makeup skills in the past few years. Here is a collection of a few looks that I have done. 

Along with makeup, I am talented in photography and hair.

I hope to one day have my brand "Eye of Kai" lighting up downtown Detroit with all of my talents located in a one stop shop.