Prison Lives Matter


Would you miss me if I were gone
could you remember me more often than a Christmas song
How could you go on without me to talk an ear off of tales once told
Does tomorrow hold gloom beyond the darkest sea just as a boat seeks the shore endlessly
Can you hear my name in the whispering winds or will I be lost in boundless quicksand
When you sleep will you seek my face Have you thought of me as often as God's bountiful grace
Who knew I'd be the first to leave so soon albeit you were the first to be consumed
Why did this have to be...tell me it's not a real reality.
Where will you turn as the light dims the breaking dawn away
Are you even listening as my heart cries this song
May I please just stay to absorb the embrace of the sweet sweet wind as it blows oh so softly upon me
Will this be farewell, must I bid you a due
Is it a must to say...All that was... All that wished to be...Forever, Forever, my dear friend without a single doubt, Love I know lives eternally!

What can bring assurance is that I'll be your voice.

Poem by Susan Brown